Paul Stuckle: False Allegations Attorney

August 28, 2008

Paul Stuckle’s impressive professional career has included 15 years as the Chief Municipal Court Judge for the City of the Colony in Texas, and 20 years as a criminal defense attorney within the state of Texas. Mr. Paul Stuckle continues to serve as a defense attorney in Texas: he is a Partner of Stuckle and Ferguson, a Plano, Texas-based law firm specializing in the defense of clients facing false allegations in areas of child sexual assault and indecency with a child. Stuckle and Ferguson is an invaluable resource for families facing unwarranted persecution from Child Protective Services. Paul Stuckle’s service has been recommended by columnist and radio commentator Glenn Sacks, the Fight CPS organization, and Private Investigator Allen Cowling.

The State Bar of Texas, the Collin County Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Association, and the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Association all count Paul Stuckle as a member of their professional organizations. Mr. Stuckle has served his community as a Pro Bono attorney for the falsely accused and as a lecturer and speaker for false allegations of child sexual assault, fighting Child Protective Services at State Bar of Texas-approved seminars.

Paul Stuckle is a graduate of St. Edwards University and Texas Tech School of Law, is a former police officer, and has served as a Collin County trial attorney and police legal advisor for the Ft. Worth Police Department. In addition to lending the benefits of his experience to police officers of Ft. Worth, Paul Stuckle has served as an instructor for the Southeastern Paralegal Institute, informing legal students of the core concepts of criminal law and evidence.

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